Residential Cleaning Services

General Cleaning Services


- Dust and wipe clean all cabinet doors and outside of cabinets. - Completely clean kitchen sink and countertops & shine chrome faucets. - Dust and wipe clean all appliances (clean inside microwave) - Vacuum and mop kitchen floor - Empty and remove trash bag and install new one - Wipe refrigerator on outside { Dust top & clean front and handles } - Shake kitchen rugs - Clean all light switches and electric plates.


- Completely clean, tubs, sinks, showers and commodes {clean underside of seats }. - Dust and wipe clean all vanity cabinets and pedestal sinks. - Clean all mirrors - Dust and wipe clean all shower rods, shower heads, towel bars, tissue holders and shower tops. - Vacuum and mop all floors - Dust and clean all window sills. - Shake bathroom rugs - Clean all light switches and electric plates. - Dust light bulbs, wall ornaments, window sills, towel racks. - Replace tissue paper as required.

Living Room and Dining Room

- Vacuum all carpeted areas (including stairs). - Clean / mop all vinyl, ceramic or hardwood floor surfaces. - Lights fixtures should be clean and free of bugs. - Spot clean sliding glass doors and windows. - Spot clean carpet as needed. - Dust and wipe clean all furniture and entertainment centers. - Dust and wipe clean exterior of fireplace hearth and mantle. - Dust all artwork on walls and tables. - Dust, clean and check for spider web/cobwebs at ceilings, corners, Etc. - Dust ceiling fans, chandeliers, window sills. - Clean all light switches and electric plates. - Clean under sofa cushions.


- Dust ceiling fans, chandeliers, window sills. - Clean all light switches and electric plates. - Wipe or feather dust all furniture. - Vacuum or mop floors. - Remake beds if needed (wash linens - additional fees)


- Wipe washing machine and dryer exterior - Clean sink (if located in laundry) - Vacuum and mop floor - Empty and remove trash bag and install new one

Deep Cleaning Services

Cleaning Service in addition to General Cleaning (recommended every 3 months)

- Move and clean behind refrigerator, range, washer and dryer - Move and clean behind and under all firniture (not exceeding 50 lbs) - Clean all baseboards - Clean all doors - Clean stair railings

Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Cubicles Cleaning

A clean office environment is known to motivate productivity from your employees, as well as creating a great first impression on potential customers and visitors who are quick to judge the state of your company’s aptitude to meet their needs. Our staff has the knowledge and attention to detail required to keep your cubicles in their best image, always respecting the work area of your employees while maintaining a clean environment free of dust or trash where they can be productive.

Deep Cleaning Services

When tenants move out our staff will do a complete deep cleaning of the floors, collect trash and remove leftover furniture to give you a fresh start and rehabilitate the facility to be ready for new tenants as soon as possible. Dirty bathrooms and kitchens or scratched granite floors and walls, our team of professional commercial cleaners can take care of it quickly.

Lobby and Hallways

Lobby and hallways handle a lot of traffic. Keeping a lobby free and clear of trash can maximize the safety of your employees and visitors. Our professional staff works hard to remove stains and dirt that can make your floors slippery or sticky to anyone who walks on its surface, helping you project the successful image that only a clean floor can give through regular maintenance.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

The worst impression a customer or employee can have of a company is a dirty bathroom. Add to that a poorly maintained bathroom without restocked toilet paper, seat covers, soap and paper towels and a simple mess becomes an unbearable problem that smells and destroys the positive image of a business complex or commercial building. Our professional cleaning staff offers attention to detail in every aspect, covering every corner of your bathrooms, including stalls, urinals, sinks and diaper changing areas to ensure that your employees, visitors and customers always can enjoy the pleasure of a clean bathroom without any threats to their health or by compromising their safety.

Reception & Waiting Room

Cleanliness is often the first point of reference to judge a company’s health and ability to serve the needs of its customers. From an office complex’s reception area to a patient waiting room, our professional cleaning staff can clean, sanitize and maintain a pleasant waiting area, reception or conference room clear of trash on the floors and dust-free counters or table surfaces to project an image of success that will energize your visitors and customers alike. In the case of a medical office or healthcare environment, we can effectively sanitize the floors as well as any place where potential bacteria and virus can be a threat to your staff or patients, always striving to make them feel comfortable and give them peace of mind.

Kitchen & Break Room

If there is one place that is likely to be ridden with foul smells, sticky floors and dusty tables is your company’s kitchen area and break room. We can address every one of your kitchen cleaning needs, including the maintenance of break rooms, company cafeterias or dining areas, effectively removing food and drink residue that can threaten the morale of employees or create a pest problem—including the use of Green Solutions cleaning products that will never threaten the health of your employees.

Patio & Courtyard

Many businesses have a courtyard or open-air patio where employees and visitors can enjoy a break or eat their lunch. These areas are also likely to be less clean as they are usually subject to rain fall and people can easily think that any dirty problems can be resolved with an occasional shower, when in fact they can create a pest problem or an unpleasant image for customers or visitors. Our cleaning staff can prevent your commercial building or office complex’s common areas from being forgotten in the cleaning process with regularly scheduled maintenance schedules or as needed, depending on your company’s needs.

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